INERCO is a good place to work. We are proud that the overall level of satisfaction of our employees is around 85%.

At INERCO we look for the best candidates to join us around the world.

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These are some of the reasons that make us a great company to develop your professional career.

INERCO is a multinational company that develops advanced technologies in the fields of energy and environment, offering engineering services and specialized technical consulting HSSEC (Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Community).

With more than 650 professionals, we have offices in 9 countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Portugal and USA) and we executed projects in more than 70.

We work for the main international companies in the energy, oil&gas, chemical, mining, cement, steel and infrastructure sectors, among others.

As an independent company, we contribute to sustainable industrial development, committed to the objectives of the clients and with an attitude of Corporate Social Responsibility in all areas.

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Training as a means to improve the professionalism of employees.

INERCO has a global talent management model that allows it to offer first-rate professional development to its employees, establishing career plans so that they acquire the skills necessary for their professional development.

Ethical code

The training and professional development of employees is a very important aspect for the company that is explicitly set out in its Code of Ethics: “To ensure the training, professional development and stability of all the people who are part of INERCO“.

Training and development plan

Training Plans are defined annually for the different companies / areas of the Company, aligned with the strategic objectives set. These plans are taught throughout the year according to the established schedule, with almost continuous monitoring being carried out on them. These annual plans are complemented by other training actions, not initially planned but equally necessary and beneficial.


INERCO promotes the temporary stay of onsite technicians for their participation in specific projects, thereby enhancing transversality, the internal dissemination of knowledge and the performance of joint work between people from the same business line from different countries.

Seguridad y Salud

Seguridad y Salud

Sostenibilidad / Desarrollo Sostenible

Sostenibilidad / Desarrollo Sostenible

Diversidad e Igualdad

Diversidad e Igualdad

Innovación (I+D+i)

Innovación (I+D+i)