Soil and Groundwater

Soil and Groundwater
We are an ally to the Industrial, Mining and Construction sector.
We are an experienced enginnering in the characterization and remediation of soils and groundwater, since 1995, in different sectors: oil refineries, storage and distribution of petroleum products, power generation facilities, chemical industries, agrifood industries, former mining sites.
We help our clients with a comprehensive solution to define the best technical and economic strategy for the management of potentially contaminated soil and groundwater, in:

Contamination prevention.

Compliance with environmental regulations and requirements.

Events of environmental contingencies.

Remediation of soil and groundwater to a state compatible with its use.

Rehabilitation and enhancement of old industrial and mining sites.

Mergers and acquisitions operations.

We are present in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, MexicoPeru and Portugal, with a highly specialized team and dedicated exclusively to these activities.

In Spain, we have:

Authorizations for acting as a Collaborating Entity of the Administration.

Authorization as waste manager for the recovery of contaminated soil and groundwater.

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Remediation Technologies

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Remediation Works

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