Noise and Vibration Control
INERCO Acústica  is an INERCO company with more than 20 years of experience in the development, manufacture and supply of technology to reduce noise and vibration in industry, buildings and the environment.
360º Acoustic Engineering:
Acoustic engineering: diagnosis of problems and design of solutions to reduce noise.
Noise control systems manufacturing: in-house design and manufacturing of noise and vibration control systems: silencers, screens, cabinets, doors, absorbers, etc.
Turnkey (EPC) – Acoustic solutions implementation: noise and vibration control systems installation, and acoustic comfort of spaces (auditoriums, theaters, sports venues, classrooms, churches, etc.).
Acoustic consultancy: technical justification of compliance with legal and/or contractual limits, through noise measurements and acoustic simulation models.
Acoustic laboratory: accredited by ENAC according to UNE EN ISO 170125 as an acoustic laboratory for noise and vibration measurements.
INERCO Tecnología Acústica

Acoustic Technology

INERCO Ingeniería y Servicios Acústicos

Engineering and Acoustic Services

INERCO Ámbitos de Aplicación Acústica

Areas of Acoustic Application

Miguel Morales Rodríguez INERCO


Director Gerente INERCO Acústica