Biomass Gasification

INERCO has always maintained a preference in commitment to technological innovation and development in different activities. The result of this has been a lot of self developed technologies in different fields.
This strategy has allowed INERCO to put their own technologies and systems in the marketplace, such as Bubbling Fluidized Beds, Biomass Gasification Technology for Heat and Power Generation.
Technology Development
In 2007, INERCO commissioned its own 3 MWth Fluidized Bed Gasification Plant with the goal of developing the technology in order to evaluate thermal applications by replacing fossil fuels.

During the following years they conducted several test campaigns with a wide range of biomasses such as olive stones, wood pellets, rapeseed and Cynara pellets, wood chips, olive tree prunings, vine shoots, Waste Water Treatment Plant sludge and organic fractions of municipal solid waste (MSW).

Once the Gasification Technology was developed INERCO concentrated its efforts on developing its own technology of Gasification Gas Cleaning, in order to adapt it to make it capable of being powered directly from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).

Esquema Planta de Gasificación de INERCO

Since 2004, INERCO has participated in numerous research projects on biomass gasification, which has enabled the development and optimization of its technology and INERCO have become reference company in the speciality of gasification in Europe.

This recognition came about by the achievement of two significant Biomass Gasification Plant contracts.

Planta de Gasificación de Biomasa de INERCO - CIUDEN

CIUDEN Biomass Gasification Plant

Planta de Gasificación de Biomasa de INERCO - CENER

CENER Biomass Gasification Plant


BRISK Project

INERCO Plantas Comerciales

Commercial Plants

CIUDEN Biomass Gasification Plant

In 2009, INERCO developed the EPC for the CIUDEN Biomass Gasification Plant. This plant of 3 MWth and INERCO Technology, is located in the Technology Development Centre of CO2 Capture, in El Bierzo (León) in a village called Cubillos del Sil

The Gasification plant will allow CIUDEN and INERCO to study different applications of biomass gasification centred around oxigasificación (gasification with CO2 y O2), gasification with air and / or oxygen enriched mixtures or gasification with O2 and steam, and always focused primarily on integration with coal oxycombustion plants, allowing both indirect co-combustion , normal and Oxy mode, the production of electricity by gasification gas feed to Internal Combustion Engines, or production of Second Generation Bio fuels produced from syngas.

INERCO Planta de Gasificación de Biomasa de CIUDEN

CENER Biomass Gasification Plant

Furthermore, INERCO supplied by turnkey contract for the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) a Biomass Gasification Plant that is installed in the center of Second Generation Biofuels in a town called Aoiz (Navarra).

The CENER Gasification Unit of 2 MWth and INERCO Technology, can be operated using air as a gasifying agent or mixtures of steam and oxygen. Likewise, it is designed to be powered with a variety of biomass in a wide range of densities, from straw to wood pellets. The initial objective is to use the CENER Biomass Gasifier as a syngas generator to feed the Second Generation Biofuels Production Units installed in CB2G to demonstrate the feasibility of such processes.

El objetivo inicial del CENER es utilizar el Gasificador de Biomasa como generador de syngas para alimentar a las unidades de producción de Biocombustibles de Segunda Generación instaladas en el CB2G para demostrar la viabilidad de dichos procesos.

INERCO Planta de Gasificación de Biomasa de CENER

BRISK Project

INERCO along with 23 other European partners is involved in the European project BRISK (Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge) aimed at sharing knowledge and experimental facilities to improve the production of second-generation bio fuels.

Commercial Plants

INERCO offers Combined Heat and Power Generation Plants (CHP) up to 5 MWe, based on their own Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasification Technology using atmospheric air as the oxidizing agent.

Fluidized Bed Technology stands out for its compact design, high performance and low cost of operation and maintenance, which makes it the technology that best fits the concept of distributed electricity generation.

Plants offered by INERCO have the following characteristics:

High efficiency.

Versatility and flexibility in terms of raw material.

Potential for thermal use (CHP).

Integrated and compatible solutions within various activities and industries.

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Engineering Division Director
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