Chemical Product Safety – United Kingdom (UK REACH)


Following Brexit, the EU REACH Regulation was brought into UK law on 1 January 2021 under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (Withdrawal Act 2018). This is known as UK REACH.

As a result, companies that want to manufacture, import, export or market chemical products in said territory must comply with the obligations imposed by said Regulation.

INERCO and its strategic partner ARTIMINO CONSULTING, come together with the aim of supporting companies in the United Kingdom and the European Union that manufacture, import, export and market chemical products and that are obliged to comply with the requirements of regulations related to the product safety and/or guardianship after Brexit in the UK.


Registration and Evaluation

Registration and Evaluation:

  • Development of complete (Lead Registrant) and individual registration files (members of Substance Groups / Consortiums), as well as intermediates.
  • Preparation of DUINs (Downstream User Notification) of substances during the transitional period and subsequent inquiry.
  • Chemical Safety Assessments: Report on Chemical Safety and Exposure Scenarios.
  • Communications of uses and notification of SVHC substances.

Exclusive Representative (Only Representative):

Exclusive Representative (Only Representative):

  • Exclusive Representative Service for companies not established in the United Kingdom by ARTIMINO CONSULTING.

Authorization of substances and uses

Authorization of substances and uses:

  • Development of applications for authorization of uses of SVHC substances.

Management of consortia, forums and laboratories

Consortia and Substance Groups:

  • Administrative, technical and economic management of Substance Groups and consortia.
  • Representation in ‘Substance Groups’ and consortia.



  • Characterization and identification of substances.
  • Laboratory management, monitoring and subcontracting of characterization and identification tests, physicochemical and (eco) toxicological studies, etc.

Classification and labelling

Classification and labelling:

  • Classification and labeling of substances and mixtures: CLP Regulation.
  • Product notification (NPIS Product Data).

Communication in the supply chain

Communication in the supply chain:

  • Safety data sheets for substances and mixtures.
  • Extended safety data sheets.
  • Information sheets on non-hazardous substances and mixtures.
  • Analysis of use maps, exposure scenarios and use safety reports for intermediate users.
  • Communications of use to the agency.
  • Supplier safety data sheet audits.
  • Request and verification of REACH Statements to suppliers.

Planning, implementation and regulatory and technical advice

Planning, implementation and regulatory and technical advice:

  • Identification of obligations and planning of actions.
  • Compliance audits and development of management systems and procedures.
  • Assistance with inspections and safety audits.
  • Helpdesk service.



  • Tailored and personalized training. In-company training.
  • Open training.
Juan Santos Remesal INERCO

Juan Santos Remesal

Industrial Safety Division Director | Manager Reach Integra
Raúl Martínez Salazar INERCO

Raúl Martínez Salazar

Technical Manager Reach Integra INERCO

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