Energy Services

INERCO offers advanced comprehensive solutions to optimisation of performance and sustainability in the Refinery and Petrochemical sectors based on our experience in Process Optimisation, Specialised Engineering and EPC projects, and the Strategic Alliance with technology partners.
The combined capabilities of INERCO and its partners provide solutions for energy and availability optimisation, increased capacity and improved product quality in the Refinery and Petrochemical processes.
The scope offered by INERCO and its partners include:

Comprehensive optimisation of fractionating column networks, including heat exchangers and kilns of associated processes.

Improved management of auxiliary service system networks (steam, hydrogen & fuel gas, compressed air and electricity).

Optimisation of sulphur recovery units, and amine and SWS plants.

Main equipment supply: heaters, boilers, air coolers, air preheaters, heat exchangers and economisers.

Supply of intelligent steam traps (SmartWatchWeb).

Monitoring of processes, CEMs, gas purification technologies, silencers and other process systems.

The combined capacities and experience of INERCO and its partners include:

Differential know-how for the modelling, monitoring and retrofitting of processes oriented to improving performance of industrial processes.

Advanced technologies for the Optimisation of Processes, directly or in cooperation with technology partners such as PIL, BITHERM, AITESA and SULFUR RECOVERY, amongst others.

In projects for the Refinery and Petrochemical sectors:

More than 1,000 direct engineering references.

More than 700 references in projects for the supply of equipment.

More than 130 direct references for auxiliary service networks and equipment optimisation.

More than 50 direct references as an EPC supplier for solutions for processes in numerous industries, including refineries and petrochemical plants.

Enrique Tova Holgado INERCO


Director | Combustion Optimisation and Emissions Reduction Division
Miguel Ángel Portilla de la Concha Cobano INERCO


Combustion Optimisation and Emissions Reduction Division | Combustion Optimisation Manager
Main clients of INERCO in Oil&Gas sector