Conceptual, Basic, FEED or FEL Engineering

INERCO Ingeniería Conceptual

Conceptual Engineering

INERCO Ingeniería Básica

Basic Engineering

INERCO Ingenierías FEED o FEL

Engineering FEED or FEL

Conceptual Engineering

Process Definition PFD level.

Preliminary energy and mass balance assessment.

Definition of major equipment required and analysis of its availability in the marketplace.

Basic description of project electrical and instrumentation requirements.

Preliminary implementation prospects in the chosen area.

Identification of the necessary services.

Preliminary project planning.

Preliminary Cost Estimations.

Basic Engineering

INERCO develops these services in a variety of important sectors, among which we would highlight Crude Oil refineries, Chemical and Petrochemical plants, Traditional Power Plants, Combined Cycle plants, Biomass power plants and Cement Production plants.For this we have software such as SmartPlant P&ID.

Furthermore, the types of activities we develop cover a wide range of works that have been adapted to the different customer needs due to the characteristics of these types of studies.

Basic Engineering of a project includes:

Complete development of the Process Engineering Unit:

Process Flow Diagrams (PFD's).

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID's).

Lists and Data Sheets of equipment.

Design and specification of equipment,vessels and storage tanks.

Specifying dynamic equipment.

Lists and Data Sheets of valves and instruments.

Sizing and specification of control valves and safety valves.

Preliminary development of the project in the other engineering disciplines.

Process simulations.

Basic design of process equipment.

Study of technical and economic feasibility of process modifications.

Analysis of production processes: Identification and development of proposals for debottlenecking.

Studies for revamping of existing units.

Development of monitoring programs for production conditions and production.

Doing Test-Runs in production units.

Preparation of operating manuals.

Validity Studies or checks for Flare systems.

Simulation and studies of performance / efficiency or identification of problems in specific equipment such as heat exchangers, air coolers, pumps, compressors, pipe networks, reactors, distillation columns, etc.

Engineering FEED or FEL Investment valuation and feasibility studies.

In those cases where it is necessary to know the magnitude of the investment with a given accuracy, INERCO can develop the engineering of the project to the FEED or FEL level needed by our client.

To determine the expected CAPEX investment, INERCO can use a combination of different valuation methods:

Valuation based on price lists from previous projects INERCO has completed.

Using the ``Equipment-factored Estimating`` methodology to obtain installation costs as well as supply and Assembly of Pipelines, Instrumentation, Electrical supply, Painting and Insulation for each item of equipment along with the cost of delivery of the equipment, using specific factors for each particular item.

Requests for budgeted quotes from suppliers.

INERCO is also available to perform studies of Operating Costs of Processing Plants (OPEX) and Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies based on the data obtained.

Pedro Rodríguez Muñoz INERCO


Director of Engineering Division
José Luis Bayort Raposo INERCO


Head of Department Engineering Projects