Analyser System

INERCO provides solutions for emission monitoring in industrial processes, in the following areas:
INERCO Monitorización en Continuo de Emisiones

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

INERCO Monitorización de líneas de Procesos

Monitoring of Process Streams

INERCO Redes de Calidad de Aire

Air Quality Networks

INERCO Consultoría especializada en instrumentación

Instrumentation Engineering

The projects are comprehensively performed from the design and conceptual engineering, defining the best solution technically and economically, to the implementation of the systems and training of plant personnel and contractors.
The existing systems can be modified, also, to be adapted to comply with new requirements, or to improve their operation and robustness.

INERCO also offers support to the supply of essential spares parts and consumables required for the proper operation of all the systems installed, and provides maintenance service (preventive and corrective).

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

Engineering, Supply, Assembly and Commissioning of CEMS.

Adaptation and improvement of existing systems.

Data acquisition and management software for: internal management, monitoring, QAL3 according to EN14181, internal reports, report to management, operational control.

Automation of daily verification and checks (zero and span) systems.

Training for plant personnel (instrumentation, maintenance and operation) and contract staff.

Spares parts and consumables.

Technical support and maintenance.

CEMS supply includes:

Gas Analysers: extractive and in-situ.

Sample transport and conditioning.

Particle Counters.

Peripheral: oxygen, temperature, pressure, humidity.

Flow rate measurement equipment.

Gas bottles for periodic verification of the systems.

Data Acquisition Systems.

Monitoring of Process Streams. Online analyser systems
INERCO supplies and implements online analyser systems, with a project execution methodology similar to that used in other continuous monitoring systems, and providing all its capabilities from design to commissioning, including even individualised solutions to control the process by using the variables measured.
From the point of view of measurement, systems are implemented including:

Gas chromatography.

In-situ analytical of Fuels.

Analysis of output gas from combustion processes: furnaces, boilers, engines, turbines.

Air Quality Network

Engineering, Supply, Assembly and commissioning of fixed immission cabins.

Supply and operation of portable immission booths.

Review and maintenance of immission booths, including periodic calibrations with standard methods.

Air quality measures and modelling.

Instrumentation Engineering

Audits and Diagnostics of Systems.

Review and definition of maintenance plans.

Training of plant personnel and contractors.

Systems Diagnostic developed by INERCO experts allow:

Identification of anomalies or necessities in CEMS: design, installation, or operation.

Detection of requirements in the Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS) and general management systems.

Definition of recommendations on the CEMS and management system.

Establishment of plans for the compliance with the Environmental Authorities requirements.

Optimization of the investment needed to implement any corrective actions on the CEMS, and reduction in costs through the improvement of the management systems of the CEMS (savings in maintenance and monitoring).

Antonio Alvarado Ramos INERCO


Manager INERCO Inspección y Control