Regulatory Safety Inspections

INERCO has an experienced team of technical experts, specialised in the compliance with the standards laid down in major accidents, fire safety and industrial safety legislation.
This background allows us to effectively respond to the needs of industry offereing detection, monitoring and improvement in aspects of industrial safety for their facilities.
INERCO operates in major companies in Crude Oil Refining, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Gas, Energy, Mining, Cement and Agriculture / Food sectors. Working closely with the Public Administration in the development of routine inspections, conducted to ensure the compliance with industrial safety legislation.
INERCO offers the following services:

Major Accidents:

o Technical opinions on notifications.

o Technical opinions on Safety Report.

o Technical opinions on Emergency Plans.

o Safety inspections according to Article 21 of RD 840/2015.

o Certification reports of non-substantial changes.

o Monitoring of emergency drills.

o Report on post- major accidents investigation.

Fire Safety:

o Regulatory inspections according to industrial fire safety Regulation (Royal Decree 2267/2004).

o Certification of alternative measures for compliance to Royal Decree 2267/2004..

Waste Act:

o Certification and implementation of emergency plans under the waste act and Royal Decree 393/2007.

Liquid effluent ponds Safety:

o Construction projects assessment.

o Decommissioning project assessment.

o Certification of works according to decommissioning and abandoment projects.

o Certification of construction works according to the project.