Acoustic Technology

At INERCO Acústica we design and manufacture our own technology for the control of noise and vibration, according to the needs and specifications of our customers.
From our factory, located in the AERÓPOLIS Technological Park in Seville, we produce all types of silencers, cabinets, screens, grilles, doors, visors, baffles, floating benches and various elements of passive noise control, customized to be delivered to any region or country.
You can download our General Catalog of Products, or access technical information for each of our acoustic monitoring systems:


Enclosures and acoustic barriers

Enclosures and acoustic barriers

Acoustic grilles

Acoustic grilles

Acoustic absorbent treatments

Acoustic absorbent treatments

Elastic Systems – Anti-vibration

Elastic Systems – Anti-vibration

Others: acoustic doors, acoustic scopes, insulation

Others: acoustic doors, acoustic scopes, insulation

Support services for the manufacture of products:

Manufacture, delivery and monitoring of the implementation of acoustic products.

Turn key (EPC) acoustic solutions: reducing noise and vibration systems, soundproofing, acoustic insulation, acoustic fittings.

Vent Silencers (to reduce noise in valves and atmospheric discharges at high pressure and temperature).

Exhaust silencers: to reduce the noise of engines and generators.

In line Silencers: to reduce the noise in pipes and fluid transport networks.

Exhaust silencers for boilers.

Silencers for fans, blowers, turbochargers...

Reactive silencers: to control noise of predominantly low frequency and pure tones.

Silencers for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

INERCO Acústica has a system of quality control for design, construction and production of silencers, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations (ISO, ANSI, etc..) That could be application-specific and self-installed control in the organization to ensure the system of quality management according to UNE EN ISO 9001:2008.
Enclosures and acoustic barriers
INERCO Acústica features a wide selection of modules with insulation and acoustic absorbing properties, the principle examples being cabins, acoustic barriers, acoustic enclosures and encapsulations, acoustic solutions very effective in reducing ambient noise, as well as reduce noise internally.
Booths and acoustic screens as a solution to noise problems in a wide range of applications:

Noise protection barriers.

Construction of soundproof wall panels and roof panels for use in warehousing.

Subdividing noisy acoustic enclosures and installations in industrial facilities.

Relaxation cabins and special acoustic protection cabins for specific jobs/ positions, etc.

Enclosures for mills, presses, conveyors, etc.

Treatments for dryers, ovens, etc.

Rest Cabins for industry.

Rotary devices.

Acoustic carwash tunnels.

Electrical Substations.

Pumping Stations.

Silencing of compressor facilities, generators, turbines, diesel engines.

Transport infrastructure: Acoustic protection panels for roads, railways and airports.

Buildings: acoustic barriers and enclosures for HVAC equipment in covered areas.

Acoustic grilles
INERCO Acústica offers a wide range of acoustic grilles, as an alternative to dissipative silencers and/or as a complement to acoustic screens and booths.
Acoustic grilles to be placed on walls or enclosures in noisy rooms where weather protection is required with a high degree of noise attenuation, or to complete acoustic enclosures with important ventilation limitations.
Acoustic absorbent treatments

INERCO Acústica manufactures a complete range of acoustic absorber modules with great functional and aesthetic diversity, specifically designed to control the reflected component of sound energy, increase acoustic absorption, reduce reverberation, improve diffusion and contribute to the decoration of enclosures.

Within the INERCO Acústica family of absorbing modules there are two types of surface finishes: industrial finishes and decorative finishes. Industrial surface finishes are specially designed to guarantee mechanical performance and durability over time, to withstand dirty environments (grease, dust, fumes and the like that affect sound absorption), and are easy to repair and/or replace in the event of knocks or breakage. Their surface appearance is usually metallic, and if they have textile coatings, they will have special characteristics in terms of behavior against the accumulation of dust, fumes, odors and grease. Decorative finishes offer a wide variety of textures and colors, as well as ease of assembly and disassembly (either for cleaning or simply aesthetics).

These absorbing baffle systems are the ideal solution for enclosures where it is necessary to correct the degree of acoustic comfort, either due to the noise generated by the users of the room or due to the sound characteristics of the room itself.

Its simple installation does not entail the need for major construction work, thus reducing costs (time and money), and avoids modifying the design concept of the room. It is a system totally complementary to any architectural design, and adaptable to almost any type of building and architectural modality (whether old, classic or modern).

INERCO Acústica provides three basic types of floating floors systems, excellent acoustic behavior, using different combinations of materials, dimensions and methods of assembly and all kinds of shock absorbers, springs and elastic systems to reduce noise and vibration in equipments, machinery and processes:
Other: acoustic doors, acoustic scopes, insulation

INERCO Acústica designs and manufactures elements to complete soundproofing and acoustic treatments in enclosures with high acoustic requirements: acoustic doors and acoustic viewers, to complete a global treatment of noisy industrial enclosures, soundproofing of rooms, booths and acoustic screens, as well as technical rooms, audiovisual spaces and enclosures dedicated to leisure, culture and entertainment.

Miguel Morales Rodríguez INERCO


Director Gerente INERCO Acústica