INERCO supplies advanced technological solutions for reducing NOx emissions from combustion plants:
INERCO Medidas Primarias Reducción NOx

Primary Measures for NOx Reduction

INERCO Medidas Secundarias Abatimiento NOx

Medidas Secundarias de Abatimiento de NOx

The wide range of technologies available for NOx reduction allows INERCO to design the best combination of solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Thus, INERCO can guarantee achieving maximum levels of NOx reduction with minimal economic impact in terms of investment and operating costs.
NOx Reduction in India
Primary measures for NOx, reduction, including advanced combustion systems and proprietary technologies based on the know-how gathered by INERCO on the combustion process:
INERCO Quemadores


INERCO Cajas de Viento y Sistemas de Aire Sobre Fuegos OFA

Windboxes and OverFire Air Systems (OFA)



INERCO Recirculación de Gases de Combustión

Flue Gas Recirculation

INERCO Medidas Primarias Reducción NOx

Advanced Reburning Systems

INERCO Control de Combustión en Bucle Cerrado ABACO

Closed-loop Combustion Control (ABACO)


Burner retrofit to improve performance, reduce emissions and/or solve operational problems of industrial boilers and furnaces:

o Upgrade to real Low NOx burners by increasing air and coal stratification.

o Extension of service life.

o Automation of existing burner regulating capabilities.

o Replacement of burner instrumentation.

Complete substitution of burners.


Tailor-made solutions with optimised benefit-cost ratios.

Maximum flexibility.

Extensive experience and ability to adapt to different burner designs and fuels (coal, oil, dual burners, etc.).

Possible combination with other INERCO combustion optimisation technologies such as ABACO or FLEXICOM-LNB.

Windboxes and OverFire Air Systems (OFA)

Optimised distribution of combustion air in windboxes to reduce NOx emissions, improve efficiency and limit the occurrence of operational problems in boilers and furnaces.

Implementation of OFA (OverFire Air) systems for NOx reduction:

o Optimised design for a proper air distribution into the furnace section.

o Customised solutions for any boiler design.

o Installation of OFA with fan support or BOFA (Boosted OverFire Air) systems.

Implementation of curtain air to protect walls against corrosion phenomena promoted under low NOx conditions.

Minimisation of imbalances in combustion air supplies to improve combustion efficiency and limit operational constraints.

Redesign of windbox and combustion air registers to improve fan operation costs by reducing pressure drop in the combustion circuit.

Increase of furnace or boiler operation flexibility by the implementation and/or automation of burner regulation capabilities, on a burner-per-burner basis or in groups of burners.

Customised solutions with optimised benefit-cost ratios.

Possible combination with other INERCO combustion optimisation technologies such as como ABACO or FLEXICOM-LNB.

FLEXICOM-LNB: Flexible Coal Supply to Burners

Self-developed technology for low NOX operation and improved boiler performance by enhancing the flexibility of pulverised coal supplies to burners.

FLEXICOM-LNB allows the establishment of continuous and steady combustion process operation within a defined optimal area, avoiding the increase of NOX promoted by any change in the arrangement of mills in service.


NOx reductions in the range of 30%-60%.

Improvements in unit heat rate or carbon-in-ash.

Ability to efficiently use lower quality or lower priced fuels.

Savings in SCR capital costs for new facilities.

Para nuevas instalaciones, ahorros directos en inversión en SCR en un rango del 6%-8% (reducción del volumen de catalizador y del tamaño de la planta de amoniaco).

Savings in SCR operating costs for existing facilities.

Para instalaciones existentes, ahorros directos en operación del SCR superiores al 30% (reducción de los consumos de reactivo amoniacal y catalizador).

Typical Return On Investment periods as low as 1-2 years.

Flue Gas Recirculation

Engineering and installation of optimised Flue Gas Recirculation systems (FGR) for NOx reduction and operation control improvement in combustion units.

Application of fluid dynamic simulations to optimise the layout of ducts and evaluate the impact on combustion process.

Synergistic combination with other INERCO combustion monitoring and control technologies, such as ABACO or ABACO-Opticom.

Easy integration with other primary and secondary measures for NOx reduction and abatement.

Advanced Reburning Systems

Integration of optimised reburning solutions with other NOx.

Synergistic combination with other combustion monitoring and control technologies developed by INERCO (ABACO, ABACO-Opticom).

Enrique Tova Holgado INERCO


Energy Technologies and Services Division Manager
Closed-loop Combustion Control (ABACO)

Global combustion process optimisation in industrial boilers and furnaces:

o Combustion process balancing.

o Efficiency improvement.

o Carbon-in-ash minimisation.

o Reduction of environmental emissions (NOx, CO2, CO, SOx, particulates, etc.).

o Use of new fuel blends.

o Limitation of operational problems (slagging, fouling, corrosion).

Integration of advanced technologies for closed-loop control of local combustion conditions:

o Combustion monitoring systems.

o New regulation elements.

o Advanced combustion control based on Expert Systems.


Improvements in thermal unit heat rate (0.5%-1.5%).

Simultaneous NOx reductions in the range of 15%-40%.

Control on operational issues (carbon-in-ash, CO production).

Efficient use of lower quality or lower priced fuels.

Enrique Tova Holgado INERCO


Director | Combustion Optimisation and Emissions Reduction Division
Miguel Ángel Portilla de la Concha Cobano INERCO


Combustion Optimisation and Emissions Reduction Division | Combustion Optimisation Manager
Secondary Measures for NOx Abatement , including both catalytic (SCR) and non-catalytic (SNCR) advanced solutions (SNCR).
INERCO supplies main existing technologies for selective NOx abatement through ammonia-based reagents:
INERCO Abatimiento Selectivo No Catalítico

Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR)

INERCO Abatimiento Selectivo Catalítico

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR)

Application of innovative solutions for NOx abatement to achieve significant savings in capital and operating costs.

This solution may be applied in combination with other INERCO NOx reduction technologies, hence resulting in the optimisation of both results and investments costs.

Cutting-edge technology with differential capabilities to enhance the operation of conventional SNCR solutions:

o Possible closed-loop operation.

o Zonal reagent injection based on local combustion conditions characterised by ABACO-Opticom technology and pyrometry.

o Design of nozzles to achieve maximum injection coverage based on CFD fluid dynamic studies.

o On-line monitoring of ammonia slip.

o Adaptability to high temperature scenarios and substoichiometric conditions.

Additional Services:

o Optimisation of existing SNCR systems.

o Development of tests with a portable pilot plant for reagent injection to assess the scope and potential of SNCR technology in any combustion facility in terms of NOx reduction and associated costs.


NOx reductions: 30-50%.

Minimisation of ammonia slip.

Reduced reagent consumption.

Reduction of investment costs in the range of 30%-50%.

Reduction of operating costs in the range of 40%-60%.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Turnkey projects for the installation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems when necessary to obtain maximum NOx reductions.

Possible installation of the catalyst in a separate reactor or within ducts (in-duct SCR solutions).

Solutions to be potentially applied in combination with other NOX reduction technologies developed by INERCO, thus optimising both results and associated investment costs.

Additional services:

o Diagnosis and optimisation of existing SCR systems.

o Catalyst management programs.

o Techno-economic studies to determine customised technical solutions with the best benefit-cost ratio.


NOx reductions higher than 80%.

Minimum ammonia slip.

Enrique Tova Holgado INERCO


Energy Technologies and Services Division Manager