Security Department

Security Government and Management Systems

Security Policies.

ISO 31000.

Design and implementation of Security management models.

Risks analysis, protection criteria, performance metrics, etc. for their application to the set of assets.

Expenditure and investment planning.

Integration: Physical Security + Cybersecurity.

Physical Security Planning

Assets Security Organization Audit.

Risk Analysis, protection criteria + measures proposal (technical and organisational).

Investments and expenditure planning.

CIP Consulting for Critical Infrastructures

Drafting documents required by the National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNPIC, for its Spanish acronym): OSP and SPP.

Adaptation of physical and logical risks analysis to a unified model.

Single, truly comprehensive market risk analysis.

Support the Security department in developing related documentation.

Experience in all CIP sectors.

GR2sec-Global Suite Risk Management Platform

Security Risk Management Platform (physical or cyber origins).

Integration with the client’s existing methodology.

Simple and efficient control panel.

Estimate `{` Risks + Planning `}` of Safety measures.