External Prevention Services – Company Prevention Support Service

Our External Prevention Service includes:

Roles and Responsibilities in Occupational Risk Management (ORM).

Updating of risk assessments and preventive planning.

Updating the Emergency and Evacuation Plans.

Updating of information and training of workers.

Review of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Technical assistance for the investigation of accidents and incidents.

Assistance to Health and Safety Committees.

Compliance monitoring of action plans.

Technical assistance in coordination of business activities.

Support for preventive organizations also includes:

Acting as Coordinator of Business Activities.

Acting as Presence of preventative resources.

Acting as Technical advisors in industrial stoppages due to employee abscence etc.

Outsourcing for receipt and validation of documentation of contractors and subcontractors.

Investigation of accidents, incidents and illnesses of suspected occupational origin.

INERCO Servicios especializados ante riesgos biológicos COVID-19

Pablo Navarro González INERCO


Manager INERCO Prevención de Riesgos