INERCO Culture

INERCO Culture

INERCO Principles and Values

INERCO Principles and Values

INERCO Culture

Our professionals are the most important. That is why we carry out a management model based on your satisfaction, continuous improvement, flexibility, respect and mutual commitment.

We dedicate important efforts so that our employees identify with our values and show them off, making INERCO an excellent company to work for and develop attractive professional careers based on our international activity, cutting-edge technological developments, as well as incessant innovative activity.

INERCO: Responsible company

INERCO is responsible with the people that compose it. They are our priority, so we offer you benefits that facilitate your day-to-day life and that of your family members.

Among other issues, INERCO dedicates a part of its results to a Social Fund that guarantees care for its employees and their families in the event of health emergencies, so that they do not represent a family financial loss.

INERCO is responsible for the environment, collaborating with all nature protection measures.

INERCO is also responsible with the Society, collaborating in numerous social initiatives in various countries, supported by its incorporation as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact commitment.

Conciliación INERCO

Work and family conciliation

At INERCO we promote conciliation to achieve greater well-being, commitment, efficiency and motivation in our professionals.

We promote measures so that all of us who form it, regardless of the vital moment in which we find ourselves, can have a balanced professional and personal life.

We are committed to flexible work environments, by promoting measures aimed at self-management of time, with a focus on productivity and efficiency.

Equal opportunities

At INERCO we defend that generational, cultural, sexual, gender diversity and the integration of people with different abilities contribute to the generation of different and innovative ideas and perspectives, providing added value that allows us to benefit from mutual learning based on of the principle of Equality and non-discrimination that governs and should govern all our actions.

Comfort & safety at work

The comfort and safety of our employees at work is one of our premises. At INERCO we dedicate significant efforts and investments to make security a non-negotiable premise, which accompanies our professionals in their work in more than 70 countries around the world.

INERCO Principles and Values

INERCO Principles & Values

INERCO’s Principles and Values are the essential conditions that represent company culture. For us it is essential that our employees share the principles and values with the organization.

At INERCO, we all work according to our principles:

INERCO comprometidos con el cliente

Committed to our people

Committed to the people who are part of INERCO, through a management model based on satisfaction, continuous improvement, flexibility, respect and mutual commitment.

INERCO Independencia económica

Cutting-edge technology and innovation

Continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology to offer maximum added value to our customers.

INERCO Desarrollo de personas

Identified with the client

We understand and serve the needs of our clients by offering services with the highest quality, rigor and excellence.

INERCO Dirección Colaborativa

Competitive, efficient and profitable

We work efficiently, seeking continuous improvement and profitability to offer the best service to our clients.

INERCO Valores Servicio integral

Integral service

We offer our clients comprehensive consulting, technology and engineering solutions specialized in Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

INERCO Valores Ético, legal e integro

Ethical, legal and integrity

Ethical, upright and legal attitude in economic matters, social and environmental.


Responsible and sustainable

We are responsible with people, the environment and society.

INERCO Valores Equipo


We work, innovate and grow together. We share objectives and goals.

The actions that are carried out to comply with these principles and that govern our way of working, forming part of our culture are:

Sustainability, understood as an integral service in HSSEC.

Development of people and their integration and identification with INERCO.

INERCO Group has grown maintaining the values with which the Company was born, values with which our team feels identified, since, thanks to them, we manage to maintain our identity over the years:

Industrial vocation.

INERCO's solidity.

Work Environment.

Business ethics.


Attention, care and commitment to the staff.

Collaborative Management Style.

Customer orientation.

Integrated Service.

These values are periodically reviewed, taking advantage of the contributions and synergies within the companies that have joined INERCO, thus creating a diverse, multicultural and fully integrated environment.