Mission, Vision and Code of Ethics

Mission Statement

The mission statement of INERCO is to contribute to sustainable industrial development by offering technologically advanced products and services in the areas of Engineering, The Environment and Workplace Safety.

Our guiding principles are:

  • To be an independent, innovative and creative company with international aspirations.
  • To carry out our work maintaining the highest degree of commitment to the goals and needs of our customers.
  • To embrace an attitude of Corporate Social Responsibility in all aspects (economic, social and environmental).
  • Adopt an attitude of Corporate Social Responsibility in all areas (economic, social and environmental).

To be a premier global company in Health, Safety, Security and Environment providing sustainable and integrated consultancy, technology, and engineering solutions.

Code of Ethics

The Institutional and ethical values that should always be present in our activities and in the attitudes of all the people who make up INERCO, are:

  • Maintaining a high level of quality in everything we do, working with integrity and solvency, and providing technologically advanced and innovative products and services.
  • Ensuring that industrial development is fully respectful of the environment in order to achieve improved social acceptance.
  • Offering all customers the best possible solutions and advice so that actions can go beyond merely fulfilling legal requirements and preventing situations in which conflicts of interest may arise in our work when advising clients.
  • Keeping strict control over confidentiality of the data supplied by clients and the results of any work.
  • Taking a responsible attitude towards the prevention and compliance of workplace safety rules and regulations laid down by our clients or external bodies.
  • Minimising the environmental impact of activities carried out by INERCO.
  • Providing training, professional development and workplace stability for all the people who are part of INERCO, and ensuring their integration and satisfaction through communication and full transparency of information.
  • Encouraging responsible social behaviour of everyone that makes up the company whilst maintaining a commitment to non-discrimination against the people of INERCO, its customers and suppliers.
  • Requiring our suppliers to behave ethically and responsibly regarding safety and the environment,non-discrimination of their employees and their independence in the face of political and economic powers.
  • Ensuring the independence of INERCO with respect to political and economic powers.