Physical – Chemical Treatment Plant

Applications: removal of undesirable compounds in a stream of water to be properly reused or discharged.
Different possible methods:

Reaction of undesirable chemical compounds with the appropriate reagents: oxidation of cyanide or ammonia, chromium reduction, etc.

Insolubilization of compounds by forming insoluble salts or metal hydroxides.

Solid-Liquid Separation to clarify the water, speeding up the process by adding coagulants and poly-electrolytes.

INERCO dedigns easy handling facilities, high robustness and reliability. The treated effluent will meet the standards required without excessive maintenance.

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Antonio Copado Ceballos INERCO

Antonio Copado Ceballos

Director Gerente INERCO Tratamiento de Aguas
Enrique Roca Álvarez INERCO

Enrique Roca Álvarez

Director Adjunto de INERCO Tratamiento de Aguas