Ion Exchange – Electronic deionization (EDI)

Applications: for water conditioning processes, softening, demineralization, etc.

Traditional ion exchange equipment is made up of synthetic resin loaded onto ion exchange columns. They are robust and a type of equipment that is easy to use.

There are specific ion exchange resins for removing various undesirable compounds in the water (boron, arsenic, nitrates, fluorides, etc.).

INERCO also design the entire system of water purification including the periodic regeneration of resins.

The Electrodeionization (EDI) is an continuous process in which pure water is obtained, without the need for chemicals.It involves the removal of ions and ionized species components in the water by means of electricity. Among other applications,it is used as a fining for permeate water obtained from reverse osmosis, replacing traditional mixed bed systems and eliminating the need of chemical use for regeneration of ion exchange resins. In this way, we avoid both the high cost of these products and avoid environmental problems that they can cause.

Simplicity, smaller design, ease of maintenance the fact that it is a continuous process are advantages over other applications with other Ion Exchange systems with resins.

INERCO designs specific units according to flow analysis , the treated water quality and the final water required.

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