Environmental Studies

The implementation of environmental prevention tools (Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Studies, etc) sometimes requires a deep understanding of the medium. To do this, INERCO has the tools and adequate technical staff to carry out studies to understans the environmental situation in question. Among them:

Wildlife studies (terrestrial and marine).

Landscape Studies.

Limnological studies.

Archaeological Interventions.

Socioeconomic Studies.

Hydrological studies, etc.

After setting up a project or plan, legislation requires an adequate environmental monitoring program. INERCO has vast experience in environmental monitoring of infrastructural and industrial activities in the sectors of transport, energy, mining etc.
Social Management

The participation of civil society in the authorisation process and in environmental management has been accepted by institutions and the promoters as a fundamental factor for the sustainability of investment and development projects.

In the services it offers, INERCO applies the guidelines decreed in social matters the regulatory framework of the countries in which it operates, international conventions and World Bank standards, as well as the policies and strategies of the Andean Development Corporation.

Social Management and community support. INERCO has sociologists, anthropologists and related specialists, with deep knowledge of the realities of rural populations, indigenous and urban communities, with experience in applying national and international human rights and employment standards, which can support you to design and execute a modern social responsibility policy and community support projects. We know the application of strategies and tools for information, communication, consultation, coordination and cooperation, as well as conflict prevention and resolution.


Social Impact Studies.

Social Baseline Studies.

Social Management Plans; audits for evaluation and of compliance; management, supervision and monitoring of compliance

Communication, participation and citizen consultation workshops.

Public hearings.

Audits for qualification and quantification of Social Liabilities.

Management of Social Liabilities (Litigation, the Homeless, Conflicts).

Other Elements of Potential Socio-Environmental Concern that may be identified at the site and which may represent a risk to the operations that are executed, or which are going to be executed, at the property.

Negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

o Initial socio-employment diagnosis.

o Identification of stakeholders and impacts, risk/benefit matrix.

o Support in the formulation of vision, mission, policy, objectives, and corporate goals; application of indicators.

o Review of domestic legislation and applicable international standards.

o Implementation of management systems.

o Development of socio-employment balance sheets/sustainability reports (Global Reporting Guidelines, ILO Social Balance Sheet, Communication on Progress of the United Nations Global Compact).

o In-house training for managers, administrative staff and workers.

o Special courses for SMEs.

o Training of trainers and promoters (multipliers).

Luis Toscano Benavides INERCO


Jefe Área de Ordenación y Gestión Territorial