Climate Change

We design and implement solutions oriented at:

Demonstrating the commitment of your organisation against climate change by way of international reporting schemes.

Quantifying and monitoring in a simple and effective way the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with your organisation, product or service.

Reducing the carbon footprint by approaches that can also involve cost savings.

Adequately managing GHG emissions from the supply chain .

Climate change and greenhouse gases (GHG):

Authorisations, monitoring and notifications for trading facilities with GHG emission rights.

Inventory of GHG emissions or carbon footprints of organisations.

Carbon footprint of products, services or activities.

Compensation and carbon neutrality.

Projects to reduce GHG emissions. Abatement cost curves (ISO 14064-2, domestic projects, etc.).

Inventories and territorial projections (cities, regions, states, ...) GHG emissions.

Mitigation plans.

Diagnostic impact and business strategies to adapt to climate change.

Communication of carbon management (CDP and others).

José María Cascajo López INERCO


Responsable de Cambio Climático y Sostenibilidad
Rafael Gómez Marassi INERCO


Responsable de proyectos