Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psychology

In the field of Industrial Hygiene we have the most modern equipment for measurement of both physical factors and non-physical factors such as chemical and biological agents. As indicated in the section on strategic consulting, we advise the client on how to minimize the number of evaluations performed, without causing an adverse effect on the health of workers.
We develop:

Evaluations of exposure to chemical and biological agents.

Simplified assessments of chemicals (IRSST, COSHH, etc..), and Biologically active substance.

Studies of Indoor Air Quality.

Evaluations of exposure to physical agents: noise, heat stress, vibration and electromagnetic fields.

We advise, design and implement technical, organizational and safety equipment from these studies. In the field of acoustics we have INERCO Acoustics to design, manufacture and implement solutions for noise and vibration control.

In the field of Pharmaceuticals we offer:

Risk assessment for occupational exposure to APIs (Active Pharamceutical Ingredients).

Selection, design and implementation of control measures::

o Technical measures (ventilation, containment equipment, and connecting / transport systems).

o Organizational measures (working procedures in accordance with GMPs).

Validation of Equipment containment levels.

Validation of facilities, equipment and procedures.

In the field of ergonomics and psychosocial factors we have the most complete software support: (IBV methods, OWAS methods PSYCHO methods, ISTS, etc.)

Ergonomic assessments: cargo handling, repetitive tasks, awkward postures, VDT use.

Evaluations of psychosocial factors.

Analysis of mental workload of process control operatives.

Design and implementation of preventive and control measures.

Crew Resource Management.

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