Innovation at the core

INERCO, innovation at the core

The constant aim to improve and offer a solution to meet real needs in each case is one of INERCO’s guiding principles in its day-to-day operations. Putting ourselves on our client’s side has given us a comprehensive vision of each problem to work on. And that is manifest in the final result.

If to this we add our vocation to innovate, to improve our advanced environmental and energy technologies of our own development and our methodology in HSSEC consulting and training in emergencies, the result always favours those who seek INERCO’s help as a strategic provider.

To be at the forefront, it is fundamental to know at first hand the reality of industry on the ground and have proven experience. In this regard, INERCO’s work is vouched for by over 100,000 testimonials of our work in a wide range of sectors during the last four decades. This has given us the ability to anticipate the needs of clients with regard to the regulations and standards that apply in each sector and market trends, which are to a large extent shaped by major industrial projects and large-scale infrastructures in the general interest.

Here lies one INERCO’s differentiating values, our innovative DNA at the service of our clients, which we foster through various internal initiatives and a clear commitment to continuous improvement. Because we are convinced that we have much to contribute and offer to the sustainability of industrial development.