Separation of oils (Degreasing)

Applications: closed water cooling circuits, oil removal in sewage, stormwater treatment in refineries, airports, shopping malls, highways, etc.

INERCO designs equipment that allows the removal of demulsified oil in aqueous streams, either for reuse or discharge.

Our demulsification units comply with EN858 standards and can ensure output effluent concentrations of fats and oils to below 5 ppm. Typically our machines are extremely simple and require no maintenance.

Our designs, in collaboration with the technologist FREYLIT, ensure that the customer obtains the most efficient and effective method for the removal of residual oils in water in order to lower investment and operating costs.

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Antonio Copado Ceballos INERCO

Antonio Copado Ceballos

Director Gerente INERCO Tratamiento de Aguas
Enrique Roca Álvarez INERCO

Enrique Roca Álvarez

Director Adjunto de INERCO Tratamiento de Aguas