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INERCO has reaffirmed its obligation to fight against the climatic change by renewing the membership to the Andalusian System for Emission Compensation. This is a platform which is sponsored by the Council of Environment and Territorial Planning of the government of the Andalusian region, which authorize companies, which were formed on a voluntary base, to cooperate together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GEI), which damage the atmosphere. This rubric expects a voluntaristic participation from INERCO in this initiative, an action that goes with the internal ethnic code of INERCO which, apart from other measures, establishes the minimization of the environmental impact that is caused by INERCO.


                                                                   INERCO-cambio-climatico-climatic-change INERCO-cambio-climatico-climatic-change


For this, INERCO does an annually audition about the greenhouse gas emission and a plan for its reduction. The director of INERCO, Pedro Marín, received the certificate of this arrangement from the Consult of Environment and Territorial Planning, María Jesús Serrano, together with the other companies registered in the system.

A total of 61 Andalusian companies met because of SACE which is, according to the representative of the regional administration, “a demonstration of duty and awareness of Andalusia to fight against climatic change.” Meanwhile, Pedro Marín highlights that this rubric demonstrates INERCO´s firm commitment in the fight against the climatic change, in accordance with what the main clients are doing.