Category: : Principal
Written by : Rita
Published: : 31 October 2013

INERCO professorship held a ‘Safety and Risk Management in the Industry’ Seminar, which was aimed at students of the School of Engineers of Seville (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Sevilla – ETSI) and that has shown to the  technical and industrial managers of the future the key aspects in this activity that are essential in today´s industry.

The regulations regarding Industrial Risk Prevention are currently involved in a process of continuous development, along with other factors such as a voluntary compromise. These issues require technical and industrial managers to update their knowledge on a regular basis about new obligations and responsibilities and to implement safety measures to reduce risks effectively.

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With that purpose in mind INERCO professorship goes through all these essential factors in risk management, risk analysis and management tools, emergency planning and self-protection or priority actions in Occupational Risks in the industry. Expert engineers from Industrial Safety and Occupational Health and Safety departments of INERCO provided the lessons including the first-hand experience of INERCO in both fields during the last decade.

INERCO professorship aims to promote educational activities and interdisciplinary research, which study reality, problems and prospects related with environmental and safety risks from all relevant areas. Since 2005 this educational activity of INERCO develops a training program and research to improve the Knowhow of students from ETSI in this field.