INERCO sistemas automáticos de medida de corrientes de proceso monitorización

INERCO took part in the 2015 scheduled maintenance shutdown of the ASESA Bitumen Asphalt refinery (Asfaltos Españoles, S.A) during February and March where they were responsible for the coordination of health and safety and business activities.

Adhering to current legislation and procedures, instructions and other documentation about prevention of occupational risks at ASESA, 75% of the work was done on site without detracting from the work done by the administrative team.

This work was smoothly carried out without any work place accidents occurring during 55,000 man hours worked and the involvement of an average of 175 people per day including contractors and subcontractors. ASESA performed 18,000 hours, with an average of 72 people per day.
INERCO's involvement in the process has been the following:

  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation, in addition to complying with and requirements laid down in the "Risk Prevention Manual of ASESA”, which deals with NOG-920: Coordination of Business Activities and Contractor safety.
  • Checking and reviewing the on site working conditions and monitoring the tasks performed by workers (both direct employees and subcontractors).
  • Working alongside ASESA in order to coordinate contractors and subcontractors.
  • Supervision of critical operation tasks.
  • Checking for correct use of PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ).
  • Collaboration in the control and validation of legal contract documentation, vehicles and workers accessing the facility during the planned shutdown (risk assessment, prevention plans, training records, medical examinations, etc.).
  • Assistance and development of the plant evacuation drill.
    This type of work is part of the outsourcing services that are developed by INERCO for industrial customers with health and safety activities ranging from on site coordination and documentation approval of contractors and subcontractors, to the provision of technical specialists for preventive measures, rescue teams, supply of protective equipment, etc.