INERCO Antonio Alvarado INERCO Inspeccion y Control Manager

INERCO Luis Salvador Camacho Director of Corporate Operations INERCO Luis Cañadas Director of Corporate Innovation


INERCO has recently reorganised its corporate organisation with a clear commitment to reinforcing the divisions of Innovation and Operations, two key elements in which the group has been dedicated to over recent years.

Luis Cañadas Serrano, who has a Doctorate in Industrial Engineering and is also Professor of Chemical Engineering at the School of Engineering in Seville, has been appointed as the new Director of Corporate Innovation, a top priority activity for the continued growth of INERCO. Luis Cañadas Serrano was previously Director of Engineering and Operations and takes up this new position after 25 years at INERCO.

Also, Luis Salvador Camacho will assume the position of Director of Corporate Operations, an essential role for the strategic organisation of INERCO. Luis Salvador Camacho is an Industrial Engineer who, up until now, was the manager of INERCO Inspection and Control and has a history of 18 years with INERCO. Luis Salvador Camacho takes on this responsibility and will coordinate the different companies that make up the structure of the INERCO Group.

Finally, INERCO Inspection and Control, the part of the group that offers technological solutions for continuous monitoring and safety and performance testing of environmental quality equipment, will also have a new manager - Antonio Alvarado Ramos, an Industrial Engineer who has a Masters in Management Improvement (ESIC), is now responsible for this division of INERCO. It is a recognition of his achievements and proven experience in the company for more than 12 years where he has worked in INERCO Inspection and Control and been responsible for Emissions Monitoring, Air Quality, Effluent and Water Testing, Processes and Warranties.

These new appointments will bring about a strengthening to INERCO´s Corporate International structure which consists of 17 companies with a presence in 8 countries, more than 50 projects and a clear vocational development in five continents.