INERCO  has undertaken a strategic project at “La Rábida” Refinery for the CEPSA energy group. It consists of the production of a new marine fuel called DMB 0.1% and is specifically used for compliance with the new MARPOL regulations (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships). The legislation will apply in Sulphur Emission Control Areas (ECAs) in Northern Europe, The US and Canada, as of 2015 for all vessels navigating in these areas.

INERCO  carried out the detailed engineering of the different specialties involved in the project (processes, piping, steel structures, civil engineering, electrical and instrumentation), the procurement of the various equipment and facilities required for the project and also took charge of the tendering process from initial requisition assessments to technical and economical comparisons and the selection of suppliers.

INERCO  was assigned the work in mid August 2014 and was given a deadline for the completion and commissioning of the project by early December of the same year. As such, the time available for carrying out the work and the execution of the project by the installation teams was just over three months.

The process of conducting the detailed engineering work also included the development of in-situ work by INERCO  professionals working remotely at the CEPSA facilities at La Rábida and the object of this initial phase of the project was to accelerate the management of the project so that equipment and instruments could be purchased in advance. During the development of the detailed engineering, 3D design tools were used together with the use of techniques such as 3D laser scanning point cloud models, which guaranteed the elimination of possible interference from the new pipe systems with existing facilities, minimising errors, and thus enabled the project to be completed within the tight deadlines that had been stipulated.

Responding to the trust CEPSA put in INERCO  to meet this challenge in terms of the strict deadline, INERCO  successfully completed all the required actions within the planned schedule. And so, on the 1st of December last year the new facility was handed over and that same month the commercialisation of DMB 0.1% from “La Rábida” CEPSA Refinery began.

As a result of this, CEPSA is positioned as one of the first worldwide producers, and the first in Spain, to create a specific product to meet the new MARPOL regulations. The project carried out by INERCO  has optimised the facilities at the ”La Rábida” Refinery resulting in the infrastructure to produce DMB 0.1%.