INERCO increases by 40% of its revenues and bills 50.8 million Euros in 2014

INERCO has closed 2014 with an increase in turnover of 40% compared to the previous year. This resulted in revenues of 50.8 million Euros (36.4 in 2013) and an EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of 3.6 million Euros. These figures are the result of the growth experienced in the domestic market and abroad. In this past year, INERCO has reinforced its strategy of international development launching its activities in Brazil, Mexico and Portugal through the incorporation into the group in July 2014 of the former subsidiaries of ITSEMAP (MAPFRE) in those countries. Thus, INERCO continued its consolidation as technology engineering company at international level with the growth in the countries in which it is established and through the projection achieved in markets such as Canada and Turkey.

INERCO Group consists of 17 technology companies specialized in the fields of engineering, energy optimization, emission control, industrial water treatment, noise and vibration control as well as in environmental consulting, occupational risk prevention and industrial safety. At the end of 2014, its staff has reached 420 professionals, “20% more compared to the last year, data that reinforces INERCO’s commitment to working with highly trained human capital by our highly qualified human capital”, said José González, CEO of the Company.


 INERCO ingenieria consultoria y tecnologia

During the last year, INERCO has maintained its investment in R+D+I, field where it has invested more than 2 million. This fundamental commitment to innovation has been enhanced with the creation of a specific corporate direction through which R+D+I capacities from all the companies of INERCO group are coordinated and which encourages the development of new competitive technologies. Both strategic pillars, qualification of the staff and innovation, are the differential advantages of INERCO, which in the opinion of José González “allows us to be a national reference and continue our international expansion, thanks to the effort and commitment of all the people that conform INERCO.” In line with its priorities, INERCO dedicates an important part of their budget and profits to reward effort and to encourage the professional development of people who are part of the company.

The forecasts of the INERCO group focus on the consolidation of its internationalization process, specifically in Latin America and in particular, the three new countries: Brazil, Mexico and Portugal. All this is joined by the extensive experience of INERCO at international level, with projects in more than 50 countries on four continents. With regard to the technological progress, the group will continue providing innovative technologies – through self-development, alliance or external acquisition – in the areas of renewable energy, environmental technologies, safety and risk management.

It is the objective of INERCO, on one side, to be a leader in the provision of comprehensive services of engineering for the industry and on the other side to become a leading company in the development of energy and environmental technologies, as well as the provision of specialized technical services in environment, industrial safety and risk management.


INERCO resultados ingenieria tecnologia consultoria

Main projects in 2014


INERCO occupies once again a leading position in the energy, oil&gas and chemical sector, with projects in the field of industrial engineering such as those developed for the modernization and efficiency improvement of the industrial complexes of CEPSA in Gibraltar (HDS IV unit) and Huelva (Vacuum Unit 2 and DMB project).

The group has continued its progress in the development of technologies for the use of biomass as a source of renewable energy. One example is the project carried out for the Vine and Wine institute of Castilla – La Mancha (IVICAM): desing and construction of a biorefinery for Clamber project.


With regard to the development and implementation of technologies, INERCO was the company chosen by ENDESA Chile to implement the project for reducing emissions and optimize the performance of the Bocamina thermal power plant in Chile, an investment of 11 million Euros. In the same area, INERCO is executing the implementation of low NOx burners in the Cartagena power plant (Colombia) and implementation of primary measures of NOx reduction in Termozipa power plant (Colombia) as well as for Scottish Power in Longannet power plant (Great Britain).

2014 welcomed the creation of a new company, INERCO Technology Chile, which already provides INERCO Technologies in Latin American countries. It is also remarkable in Chile the projects of automatic continuous emission monitoring (CEM) for the main electric companies (Endesa Chile, Guacolda, Colbun) in the country. These projects could let more opportunities in other countries. In North America, the subsidiary INERCO ETech continues its development in Canada working for companies such as ATCO (Central Battle River) and TransAlta.

INERCO has also positioned itself as a leader in industrial acoustics, through the design and development of competitive technologies for noise control in power plants and oil&gas facilities.
On the other hand, INERCO received the “City of Seville for sustainable development” award for its project about energy recovery from the remains of pruning in gardens and parks, this project is based on the biomass gasification technology which was developed by INERCO.



In addition to the intense activity in Spain, it is necessary to mention the activities developed in Turkey during 2014. Thus, in the field of industrial safety, INERCO has stablished the basis for developing services of risk prevention, control and management of accidents in the Turkish industry (Seveso II Directive), with the result of being awarded with the first contracts. Another featured project is the diagnosis of coal-fired power plants to reduce CO2 emissions in collaboration with the Ottoman administration. Also, a delegation of the Turkish Government, and representatives of the main capitals of this administration visited Spain within the framework of the European project led by INERCO for control, management and evaluation of acoustic contamination in the country, one of the largest global projects of this kind performed worldwide up to now.

INERCO has become the leading company in the fields of environmental management, industrial safety and risk prevention in sectors like: oil&gas (Repsol, Cepsa, BP Oil, Petrobras, Ecopetrol, Enap, Mansarovar Energy o Petroperú, among others), mining (BHP Billiton, Glencore, Anglo American, First Quantum, Trafigura, Emed Tartessus) and energy (Endesa, Iberdrola, Gas Natural Fenosa, Enel, Colbún, ISA).

Also, INERCO continues its activity as a benchmark in advanced training and rescue in Latin America, for different bodies of the elite armed forces of Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia.



INERCO, business group with three decades of experience, works in the areas of engineering of industrial projects, the development of advanced technologies for the reduction of emissions, energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, noise control and industrial water treatment. The company also provides consulting services in the fields of environment, industrial safety and occupational risk prevention as well as emergency training and professional rescue.

INERCO focuses its activities in the chemical, petrochemical, power, cemetery, mining and agri-food sectors, as well as in infrastructure, among others, and is present in Europe – with headquarters in Seville – the United States and Latin America.

In the fields in which it operates, INERCO is an active agent on national and European level in the field of R+D. For this, it participates in programs supported by the Ministry of science and innovation, the CDTI, the Technological Corporation of Andalusia, the “Idea Agency” and European union´s framework programmes.