INERCO Seguridad industrial safety

INERCO  currently develop important industrial safety engineering projects internationally for many large engineering companies and operators in the sectors of oil & gas (upstream and downstream), petrochemicals, chemicals, mining, energy amongst others.

Our presence in Europe, Latin America and USA, as well as our experience in industrial safety projects in over 40 countries, allows us to offer a comprehensive range of advanced solutions and services for risk analysis, process safety and integrity assessment of installations and facilities. In addition, INERCO  carry out these major projects with teams of highly experienced and qualified professionals whose vast knowledge of a variety of different types of facilities across many language zones and always successfully adapt them to the needs of the customer.

INERCO  apply advanced criteria such as international standards and regulations that are used within each sector. The wide variety of analytical tools and services provided by INERCO  in client projects include: analyses such as PHA, HAZID / HAZOP, LOPA, SILVerification, SRS, ALARP, RAMS, Fire & Gas, Quantitative Risk Analysis along with studies such as BOW-TIE diagrams, Risk -based Inspection (RBI) and Risk Centered Maintenance (RCM) Critical Elements Studies and also use of safety barriers and performance standards.

All of this facilitates the identification and assessment of hazards in the design and operation of installations and highlights the necessary measures that may need to be implemented thus increasing process efficiency and safety levels in general.