INERCO Strategic advisor in Peru through its subsidiary, ACON Environmental Consultants

The company develops projects for Telefonica, Cobra, Diseprosa and for Colombian PDI/ISA and Covinca among many others.

INERCO, through its subsidiary ACON Environmental Consultants, presently develops projects in Peru for several Spanish companies such as Telefónica, Cobra, Diseprosa, and also for the Colombian PDI / ISA, Petroperu and Covinca, progressively consolidating theses firms as a strategic partner.

For Cobra it is specifically running the Environmental Impact Study for the 402 km long Transmission Line of 220 kV from Carhuaquero - North Cajamarca - Cáclic - Moyobamba, in northern Peru, which includes 63 workshops and 14 hearings with the local population in the area affected. Simultaneously, in the south, ACON Environmental Consultants are accompanying Cobra in monitoring the construction of a windfarm in Marcona, in the province of Ica.

Additionally, there is a two year cooperation with Telefónica in the Environmental Impact Study and supervision of work providing Internet facilities in the jungle, between Yurimaguas and Iquitos, which passes through native communities and protected natural areas , with the support of authorities and the local people.

Also, the Spanish company Diseprosa and ACON Environmental Consultants have recently concluded an Environmental Impact Study and a Study of Risks for Petroperú for a storage expansion project at it´s GLP operations installation in Talara. ACON Environmental Consultants are performing an Environmental Impact Study for the Colombian PDI / ISA, for a 930km transmission line of 500 kV that passes through Mantaro - Marcona – Socabaya - Montalvo and substations, where in the coming months there will be about 195 events involving public participation. Furthermore, ACON Environmental Consultants cooperate with “Covinca” a group formed by Colombian and Peruvian companies such :Pavimentos Colombia, Sainc Ingenieros y Constructores (Colombia), Nexus Infraestructura (Colombia),Nexus Investment Banking (Colombia) and Chung & Tong Engineers, producing an Environmetal Impact Study for the expansion of the Southern Pan American Highway from Ica to Tacna which is on the Chilean border.