INERCO install an advanced technological solution to reduce emissions and optimise performance at The Bocamina 1 Power Station -Endesa Chile


INERCO has been chosen by Endesa Chile to install clean technology to reduce NOx emissions in The Bocamina 1 Power Station, with a total investment close to 11 million euros.

The present combustion core system comprises of 16 coal burners in a tangential configuration. The main scope of the project is the reduction of NOx emissions in order to comply with power plant emission regulations, and achieve the reductions required by the authorities.

The technology developed by INERCO will allow Endesa Chile to comply with measures that have been brought about by the installation of a new low NOx burner system with BAT technology , the latest generation of emission reduction and grinding systems for optimisation and classification of coal, improvement of regenerative air preheaters, and implantation of a new advanced combustion control system, amongst other achievements. All of these things are aimed at minimising emissions, and the optimisation of Bocamina´s performance.

The project was awarded to INERCO according to EPC regulations, which means INERCO will be responsible for basic and detailed engineering, manufacturing, transportation, engineering assembly, testing and commissioning of the equipment and systems involved. These tasks will be carried out by a collaboration of INERCO ITC based in Spain, and INERCO Technology in Chile.

INERCO has successfully carried out similar projects in various power stations and refineries in Latin America and Europe, applying advanced technology solutions, which are adapted to the specific individual cases, in order to optimise cost-effective solutions , reduction of emissions and at the same time maximise the productivity and availability of the installations.