A comprehensive approach to modern mining

Mining is currently experiencing unprecedented interest around the world with a strong commitment to environmental protection, safety and risk prevention. INERCO offers a range of services based on its background and experience in these three key areas.These 30 years of experience, combined with the work of The INERCO Group in countries with great mining traditions such as Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, where INERCO has branches, or in “The Pyrite Belt” of Huelva and Seville, INERCO can be counted on as a strategic partner.




Within the environmental sector, INERCO develops zoning services and environmental prevention, with emphasis on occupation authorisations, environmental inventories, species management plans or environmental impact studies. Our work over the last three decades has allowed us to accelerate the obtainment of environmental authorisations, with operating conditions and monitoring plans tailored to each individual mining project.

Another of the main characteristics of mining is its vibrant and continually changing character, along with its ability to adapt to the constantly changing legislation.INERCO advises on key environmental issues such as water management and discharges, emissions, noise, vibration, sustainability, soil, environmental incident response measures and restoration plans through a study of landscape integration, maximisation of legal compliance and the environmental value of mining to the various 'stakeholders' involved. In the exploitation phase, INERCO assists with any project plan modifications, updates restoration plans and above all carries out the necessary environmental monitoring.

Where Health and Safety is concerned, INERCO performs the whole process throughout the design; analysis of environmental and occupational hazards - a mixed approach to safety (HAZOP, HAZID, “What if” analysis or consequences analysis) - or emergency planning with the correct preventive measures that are integrally implemented in order to minimise risk cases.

Once the project is underway, INERCO´s project model incorporates safety audits of facilities, occupational risk assessment of workplaces and equipment, advice on rescue and evacuation, preventive training and systems of safety management.