INERCO Risk Prevention design and implementation of corrective measures for machinery and equipment.

The requirements of industrial companies regards risk prevention have evolved in a qualitative manner in recent years: nowadays it is not enough just to produce various documents (risk assessments, hygene assessments, ATEX studies or RD 1215 evaluations), companies are now demanding the design and implementation of solutions.




Regarding machines and equipment, companies require experts in occupational health and safety with extensive knowledge of machines and equipment, as stipulated in ATEX legislation, that are capable of moving from auditing documentation to the implementation of solutions, as is the case with INERCO Risk Prevention who are developing this activity now in the manufacturing sector. These services included in the auditing process allow for a proposal of corrective measures with a level of definition that allows the client to budget for the undertaking of the proposed improvements and enables them to reserve any corresponding items.

Based on this, we manage the purchasing from different suppliers (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, signalling, etc.) selecting the most appropriate options and accompany them in the design, implementation, and final certification phases of the solutions. These include mechanical corrective measures (machinary guards and protections, enclosures, etc.), electronic corrective measures (sensors, photocells, microswitches, interlocks etc.) and signalling and procedural measures in accordance with ATEX etc... In this way, the engineering process provided by INERCO Risk Prevention addresses challenges of this nature, which we reiterate, goes well beyond simply preparing documents and actually implements real solutions something that unfortunately doesn´t always occur in workplace prevention.