INERCO Forespro presents its SGI Programme (Incident Management System)

INERCO Forespro has developed a training programme that serves as a reference and guide for Incident and Emergency Controllers, both in Professional Emergency Services (Fire fighters, Civil Protection, etc.) and public and private organisations (Town councils, Autonomous Communities and Industries).

The SGI Programme (Incident Management System) adapts to any organisational Emergency procedure model and addresses the appropriate legal requirements(Protection Plans, Seveso regulations, etc.), but most imprortantly provides a comprehensive and integrated vision of safety and efficiency regarding the Management of any type or size of incident.

Especially designed for people with emergency control roles (Emergency Contollers, Intervention Managers, Plant Managers) in cases of emergency, the SGI Programme provides knowledge from a strategic, tactical and operational point of view in order to address and coordinate the control of incidents independent of their size or characteristics.

In the past year work has been done on the adaptation of ICS programme standards (Incident Command System) to develop a theoretical and practical training course to suit the needs and specific demands of the national marketplace.Workplace tools have been developed that serve as a guide in order to facilitate the understanding and application of content and methodologies from the course.

The SGI programme is based on a philosophy of global security, establishing pre-intervention measures, measures to be taken during the incident and post-incident. Based on the recommendations of ISO 22320 (Emergency Management), the programme provides documentation for implementation and subsequent accreditation to the Standard.