BAYER assigns INERCO an upgrading project for the production of new textile resins at its plant in Barcelona

Delivery was completed in July of the corresponding Engineering Manuals for the proposed upgrading project for the production of new textile resins at BAYER MaterialScience S.L. in the Zona Franca area of Barcelona. The project has been developed entirely at the INERCO offices in Catalonia located on Avenida de Roma Tarragona where INERCO has been based for over ten years and is where Conceptual , Basic and Detailed engineering projects have been developed for large industrial companies in the Northeast Spain, such as: REPSOL, Asfaltos Españoles, UBE, ERCROS, MESSER Iberian Gases, Linde, Dow, etc….and to which, can now be added BAYER.


inerco project bayer textile resins plant engineering


The project, which began last February, required the participation of various specialities such as Project Management, Process engineering, Piping, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, as well as Electricial and Instrumentation disciplines.In total, over 2500 man hours have been required and have been divided up between all the specialties. About 50% of the time has been allocated solely to Pipework. The project, which has been highly complex due to the fact that it has been performed on an existing facility which needed to continue operating in a productive manner has required installation of new equipment and pipework routing in densely occupied areas of existing plant equipment. This meant that it was necessary to implement a carefully designed plan that meant it would have virtually no impact whatsoever on facilities that were not involved in the upgrading project.

To achieve this level of detail the project was fully implemented by 3D platform design.Initially a survey of the affected areas was conducted with gravimetric lasers in order to obtain a 3D point cloud representation. This representation was used by the piping technicians assigned to the project, in order to model the affected facilities and incorporate the 3D representation obtained from existing facilities into the new design for pipework, equipment and facilities.

These workplace tools and methodology minimise mistakes that can be generated by traditional systems of design which are based on field measurements and measurements derived from information obtained from installation drawings. With this project INERCO consolidates its position as a provider of high added value engineering using the latest technologies available in 3D design.