INERCO has participated once again in the Conference on Employment (ESIEM) 2015, an initiative which seeks to reinforce the contact between the industrial companies and the students from the School of Engineering of Seville (ETSI) through various initiatives. The conference was attended by Representatives of the Human Resources Department of INERCO – including its director, Julio Granja Devos, who participate both in the meeting held with the students and in the Exhibition where INERCO answered to the questions of the participants. In fact, INERCO’s information point was visited by numerous students, interested in opportunities for extending their education given by INERCO.


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Julio Granja was asked to present the project of INERCO to the students of ETSI as well as the particularities of the company, which is closely linked to the School of Engineers of Seville. INERCO is also recognized as the first ‘Spin-off’ of the University in 2013. In fact, thanks to its offer of internships, the University of Seville honored INERCO in 2014 with the Corporate Commitment Award with Trainees.

During the conference, the director of the Human Resources Department of INERCO stressed his commitment to the training of students through internships offered by the company. He gave a breakdown of INERCO’s activities developed from both its headquarters in Seville, and other countries where the company has offices - Brazil, Colombia, Chile, United States and Mexico, Portugal and Peru- focusing on the engineering of international projects, the development of clean technologies for reducing emissions, the energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, the noise control and industrial water treatment. INERCO also provides consulting services in the fields of environment, industrial safety, occupational health and safety, emergency and professional rescue training.