Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

INERCO offers a comprehensive service, covering all the phases required in CEMS projects:

  • EPC Scope of CEMS Projects: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing (procurement and assembly), Inspection and Quality Control, Packing/Marking and Transport, Field work (Erection, Commissioning, start-up, training) and Supervision of Certification regarding applicable standards.
  • Improvement of existing CEMS, if required: sample probes, transport lines, conditioning/handling system, analysis system, auxiliary sensors (wet oxygen, flue gas temperature and pressure, flue gas flow), calibrations gases, etc.
  • Signals Communications and implementation in DCS (Distributed Control System)
  • Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS) Software for: data acquisition and management, system control, alarm management, maintenance, operation, reports (internal and authorities), etc.
  • Automation of daily verification and checks (zero and span) systems
  • Training for plant personnel (instrumentation, maintenance and operation) and contract staff
  • Spares parts and consumables
  • Technical support and maintenance

 CEMS supply includes:

  • Sample probes, filter units, and transport lines
  • Sample handling system (extractive systems): Solenoid valves Burkert for sample gas and test gas switching, Gas cooler, Sample pump, Condensate monitor, filters, Flowmeters, Gas converter.
  • Analysers: gas analyzer, dust monitor
  • Auxiliary sensors: wet oxygen, flue gas temperature and pressure, flue gas flow
  • Control Architecture: Communications, PLC and DAHS (development and programming by INERCO)
  • Shelter: completely wired and plumbed. Main enclosure for raks, and gas cylinders enclosure (automatic validation/calibration system implemented)

The Software (DAHS) is designed and developed by INERCO for each specific system, in order to compliance with the requirements for monitoring and reporting.

INERCO also performs the automation of periodic maintenance and data management of the CEMS. This automation can be included by INERCO in the scope of the projects, both for new or existing CEMS.

Basically it involves the introduction of software for data acquisition, management and system monitoring as well as new elements in the gas and electrical circuit, so that the following can be control from the PLC:


  • Verification cycle zero and span
  • Gas in-let to measurement equipment
  • Reference gas for calibration
  • Collection of checking data
  • Alarms
  • Status notifications
  • Checking summary reports


It can be applied to any type of measurement equipment, either Gases, or Particulate Matter or mass flow. In the case of existing CEMS the replacement of the equipment can be costly, and it could be better to adapt the existing equipment to the specific requirements. This adaptation is also designed and executed by INERCO.

For the definition of the requirements for the automation of the CEMS, each particular facility is valued: types of measurement equipment installed or to be installed, pneumatic and electrical characteristics, location of stack and measurement sample ports, measured parameters, data connection to DCS, web publication of data, etc. All the regulatory aspects applicable are also analysed: CEN standards, EPA, etc.

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