Process Analyzer Systems

INERCO provides solutions for emission monitoring in industrial processes, in the following areas:

The projects are comprehensively performed: from the design and conceptual engineering, defining the best solution technically and economically, to the implementation of the systems and training of plant personnel and contractors INERCO has the capability:

  • To make all the necessary purchases
  • To manufacture and integrate in the workshop all the necessary components required for the CEMS
  • To carry out the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) with the scheme previously agreed with the client.
  • To pack, Mark and Ship the material to the installation
  • To perform all necessary field work: Erection, Commissioning, Start-up, and Training
  • To perform the necessary SAT tests to demonstrate compliance of supply

This service is provided on request, depending on the particular needs of each installation. The scope of supply can be focused solely on the provision of equipment, or can be EPC mode (Engineering, Procurement, and Commissioning) which require the deployment of all the capabilities of INERCO in this field.

INERCO collaborates with the leading manufacturers of analytical equipment. The most appropriate technological solution is selected for each case.

INERCO also includes the development of software specifically designed for each client and each facility, in order to comply with the requirements of the local standards/legislation. The software designed by INERCO also helps to automate repetitive tasks associated with CEMS maintenance.

INERCO also offers support to the supply of essential spares parts and consumables required for the proper operation of all the systems installed, and provides maintenance service (preventive and corrective).

 Antonio Alvarado Inerco Tecnologia Monitorizacion

Antonio Alvarado 

Managing Director

INERCO Inspection and Control

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