Secondary Measures for NOx Abatement

In order to meet the increasingly stringent limitations imposed by national and international environmental legislation, INERCO is able to supply main existing technologies for selective NOx abatement through ammonia-based reagents:

When moderate NOX reductions are required, INERCO supplies customised SNCR technologies with differential technical features based on advanced monitoring capabilities and optimised reagent injection, which offers substantial improvements respecting conventional systems.

The implementation of solutions to be potentially applied in combination with other NOx reduction technologies allows INERCO to optimise the technical results obtained and achieve significant savings both in investment and operating costs.

In those cases where it is necessary to achieve maximum NOx reductions, INERCO can also offer turnkey projects for the installation of SCR systems with optimised benefit-cost ratios.

In addition to the above, INERCO offers services and studies aimed at optimising existing SNCR or SCR systems. INERCO also has a portable pilot plant for reagent injection to assess the potential of SNCR technology in any combustion facility by running specific injection tests.

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