Primary Measures for NO Reduction

The know-how gained by INERCO on the combustion process allows us to offer a wide range of technologies for reducing NO emissions generated in industrial boilers and furnaces, which are based on the targeted action on combustion process development itself.

INERCO has advanced primary measures available to minimise NOx emissions based on the upgrade of existing combustion systems and the implementation of innovative proprietary technologies.

Among the measures aimed at the enhancement of combustion systems the following can be highlighted:

  • Burner replacement or upgrade to obtain Low NOxBurners
  • OverFire Air systems (OFA systems)
  • Advanced reburning systems
  • Flue gas recirculation (FGR)

INERCO  has also fully developed and patented the following technologies for reducing NOx emissions:

  • Tecnología FLEXICOM-LNB technology, to enhance the flexibility of pulverised coal supply to burners, promoting optimised fuel input profiles to achieve minimal NOx emissions regardless of the arrangement of mills in service.
  • ABACO technology, for the implementation and maintenance of minimal NOx operating scenarios by means of the closed-loop control of local combustion conditions based on the direct measurement of gas concentrations at the boiler walls or in the flame envelope of each burner

The availability of this wide range of advanced, highly synergistic technologies grants INERCO maximum flexibility to offer optimised tailor-made solutions from both a technical and economic standpoint.

The combined application of these technologies in industrial combustion plants has led to NOx reductions over 60% with simultaneous heat rate improvements above 1%.

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