For noise control during the movement of fluids through ducts and pipes, as well as their discharge to the environment, INERCO Acústica designs and manufactures a variety of models of industrial silencers.

  • Vent Silencers (to reduce noise in valves and atmospheric discharges at high pressure and temperature)
  • Exhaust silencers: to reduce the noise of engines and generators
  • In line Silencers: to reduce the noise in pipes and fluid transport networks
  • Exhaust silencers for boilers
  • Silencers for fans, blowers, turbochargers...
  • Reactive silencers: to control noise of predominantly low frequency and pure tones
  • Silencers for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

INERCO Acústica has a system of quality control for design, construction and production of silencers, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations (ISO, ANSI, etc..) That could be application-specific and self-installed control in the organization to ensure the system of quality management according to UNE EN ISO 9001:2008.



 Miguel Fernandez Inerco Acustica

Miguel Fernández 

Commercial Director 

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