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INERCO Acústica designs and manufactures elements to complete soundproofing and acoustic treatments in rooms with high acoustic requirements: acoustic doors and acoustic viewfinders to complete a global treatment of noisy industrial enclosures, soundproofing rooms, cabins and noise barriers, as well as technical rooms, audiovisual spaces and areas dedicated to leisure, culture and entertainment.

Acoustic doors INADOOR and acoustic windows INAWIN can be custom made, with a precise combination of metals, insulators and acoustic absorbers, and delivered directly on site without the need for subsequent treatment or modification of existing facilities. They are building blocks of passive noise control, manufactured according to strict quality standards, with a high level of surface finish to ensure durability over time, along with both physical and acoustic behavior characteristics.

We also have a large warehouse with insulation products and / or acoustic absorbent materials that can be used to carry out measures to reduce noise, reduce vibration and improve sound quality of rooms.


 Miguel Fernandez Inerco Acustica

Miguel Fernández 

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