Elastic antivibration systems

INERCO Acústica  provides three basic types of floating floors systems, excellent acoustic behavior, using different combinations of materials, dimensions and methods of assembly and all kinds of shock absorbers, springs and elastic systems to reduce noise and vibration in equipments, machinery and processes:

  • Floating floor systems resting on elastic plugs (INACUSTIC SA300/CT): these systems require that the concrete surface or slab is protected and creates an air chamber of the desired height. The elevation of the surface or slab system guarantees buoyancy. It is ideal for floating benches in building roofing systems (noisy equipment will be supporting their anti-vibration systems on this bench) and for activities where maximum isolation level is required, or where there is a high component of structural transmission, ie activities with low frequency sound spectra, and activities that convey a lot of energy to the building structure (dancing / group movement).
  • Floating floor systems with sheets of elastic material (INACUSTIC SONIC): in these systems, the concrete slab is resting on elastic polyurethane sheets and / or mineral fibers. The slabs must be treated perimeterically shape-wise and similar to the base, and the selection of raw materials (density and thickness) and the base elements (forged and accustomed to), define the performance of the materials. They are very effective systems for noisy activities and indoor facilities, with required insulation levels of up to 70 dB.
  • Metal modular bench systems (INAVIBRATIC), are small systems for supporting small noisy equipment (compressors, turbines, fans, heat pumps, air conditioners, etc.). they need to have very high levels of structural insulation up to 95 % to be located in critical areas of the building. This is a complementary systems to the vibration of the equipment, very economical and easy to install, designed for high resistance to weather and corrosive elements.
  • Shock absorbers for transformers INACUSTIC CT, specifically designed to reduce nuisance noise and vibration characteristics of transformers.



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