Acoustic absorbent Treatments

INERCO Acústica manufactures a wide variety of acoustic absorbent modules with high functional diversity and aesthetic specifically designed to control the reflected sound energy component, increase sound absorption, reduce reverberation, improve dissemination and contribute to the decoration of the treated areas.

Within the family of absorbent modules INERCO Acústica  there are two types of surface finishes: industrial finishes and decorative finishes. Industrial surface finishes are specially designed to ensure performance and mechanical durability over time, tests dirty environments (fats, dust, smoke and the like that affect sound absorption), and easy to repair and / or replace if shock or cracks. Its surface appearance is usually metal, textile coatings and carries will be of special features in terms of performance against the accumulation of dust, fumes, smells and grease. Decorative finishes offer a variety of textures and colors, as well as ease of assembly and disassembly thereof (whether for cleaning or just aesthetics).

These systems absorbent baffles are ideal solution for rooms where you need to correct the level of acoustic comfort, either due to noise generated by users or characteristics room sonority.

Its easy installation does not involve the need for major works, so costs (time and money) are reduced, and keeps modifying the design concept of the room. It is a fully complementary system to any architectural design, and adaptable to almost any type of building and architectural mode (whether ancient, classical or modern).


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