Solving Acoustic Problems in Buildings and Facilities

A service specifically designed to assist architects and engineers in the field of acoustic solutions within the building. By using specific programs for calculations and acoustic simulation techniques, we review the expected behavior of the solutions in terms of constructive and acoustic insulation as well as emissions from ventilation and air conditioning systems.

A consultancy service for all types of buildings (residential, tertiary, services, leisure, etc.) And even unique buildings (theatres, auditoriums, museums, libraries, churches, classrooms, etc.) Meetings and assistance are provided at documenting level (technical reports and projects):

  • Advice and review of construction projects according to the necessary requirements of the Technical Building Code DB HR.
  • Design of construction solutions for enclosures facilities: mechanical rooms, elevators, transformers, generator rooms, pump rooms, sewage, garage doors, etc. It is a type of assistance with very limited scope, where a quick and flexible solution is needed that suits plans that are in process or already completed. Assistance therefore is very economical, dynamic, focused on giving possible solutions for each case and these solutions are not always in the 'books', but are solved through experience.
  • Design of noise reducing acoustic solutions in building and general facilities: air conditioning systems, boilers,lifts, forced smoke vents, kitchen vents, etc. Specific assistance for site managers, technical divisions, education establishments, facilities in building, engineering issues that need highly specialized acoustic solutions, etc.
  • Projects and activities associated with noisy venues, according to acoustic requirements and environmental legislation DB HR.
  • Design of specific construction solutions as valid alternatives to standard construction methods according to the individual needs of every project: optimization of floating floors solutions, ceiling insulation, absorbent ceilings, acoustic wall linings, windows, ventilation openings, doors, vents, vibration systems, benches, etc.
  • Checks done by predictive modelling: simulations of acoustic behavior
  • Findings in laboratory testing of noise and vibration in Noise testing units: insulation / absorbtion
  • Diagnosis - Expertise in acoustic situations within buildings: procedures such as measurement and testing of noise and vibration performed by experts
  • Testing and inspection of insulation in buildings, with respect to:
    • Noise from the buildings itself: isolation from neighbours, noisy community facilities (air conditioners, boilers, etc.)
    • Noise and vibrations from the external environment: roads, trains, airplanes, ports, factories, industrial zones, etc.
  • Checking the acoustic conditioning of special enclosures in accordance with Technical Building Code:
    • Classrooms
    • Restaurants and canteens
    • Common areas in public buildings
  • 'On the job' assisstance:
    • Project work implementation in relation to acoustic requirements through a specific method of representative sampling in the building, combining acoustic measurements of noise and vibration, with destructive inspection and observations
    • Specialized assistance in the implementation of acoustic treatment facilities and enclosures fornoisy activities
  • Sound legal advice: we work with a legal firm that are specialized in cases of acoustic problems, for both domestic and inter-company related problems and have experience of such lawsuits, etc.


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