Reduction of noise and vibration in workers and workstations

To reduce noise in the workplace, aimed at companies with problems of noise and vibration in their workforce, we offer the following range of services:

  • Diagnosis of degree of compliance with the requirements described in the regulations exposure to noise and vibration: analysis of compliance with the limits of noise exposure in workstations, analysis of the implementation of the legal requirements of RD 286/06 within the organization, analysis of the prevention of noise and vibration, etc.
  • Making noise maps within industrial plants, in order to assess the sound to the fullest extent of the factory and to delimit the sound exposure levels for areas and places, as well as to assess the direct & components reverberated sound energy by areas in order to perform a sensitivity analysis showing effective acoustic noise reducing action so both actions on the spotlight as actions on the building (reflected component), etc.
  • Definition and implementation of action plans designed to reduce noise exposure jobs: definition of measures to implement economic evaluation thereof, establishment of priority criteria, implementation timelines, political information and communication personnel, etc.
  • Design solutions to reduce noise and vibration: conducting projects built as defining corrective action (project, budget, specifications of technical conditions) defining specific corrective measures to loud machinery or for noisy areas, quantification the expected outcomes after the implementation of the measures, etc.
  • Implementation of projects "turnkey" all kinds of solutions to noise and vibration, in all types of industrial facilities acting on direct sources of noise equipment, machinery, facilities specifically noisy service, on which we execute global soundproofing and / or even partial or individual (installation of acoustic screens and enclosures, implementation of anti-vibration systems, mufflers and air for all types of fluids and noisy exhausts, cabin crew rest, noisy classroom soundproofing, insulation office areas, sectorizaciones ..., and actions on the building: sound-absorbing treatments applied on vertical walls and roofs.
  • Support in justifying implementation of action plans and corrective action in cases of workplace inspections and / or similar administrative actions.
  • Specialized Studies justification deafness in workers (expert evidence in cases of complaints about it): a worker may have hearing problems, but it really was the reason for a particular noise exposure within your organization? Clearly the economic consequences for the company can be very important so that expert advice can help them determine what share of responsibility of each party.
  • Custom Acoustic Training technical and managerial personnel of the organization, in order to assist in the development of training plans, in strengthening the technical knowledge, updates on the state of science and regulatory requirements, etc.
  • Safety intelligibility of an oral message: there are organizations where PA is used to transmit oral messages to their employees; when the problem arises when an excess noise in certain areas of an industrial plant this message is unclear. The problem is accentuated if this is one of the methods chosen to signal warnings and alarms for security that must be understood. INERCO Acústica specializes in this type of study that definitely offer security and peace of mind to companies that have these situations they are doing things correctly
  • Assisting companies like a external prevention service.

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