Reduction of noise and vibration in industry

In INERCO Acústica are experts in the design of real solutions (designed to be implanted) to reduce noise in the main centers in the industry:

  • Energy industry: oil & gas, and power generation (combined cycle power plants, solar thermal, geothermal, substations, transformers, ..)
  • Primary and secondary industry or mining, aluminum production, copper production, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, food, paper, metal, wood, chemical, fertilizer, furnaces, machine shops, cement, glass, ceramics, etc.

We design, manufacture and implant systems control and reduction of noise and vibration:

  • Boilers and heat exchangers
  • Chimenys, furnaces,...
  • Engines: electric, diesel, natural gas
  • Compressors and Turbochargers
  • Vent valves and safety valves,...
  • Fans, blowers,...
  • Pumps
  • Machinery of industrial processes: bottled trains, mills, sorting equipment, transmission lines, rolling mills,... extruders,
  • Cooling towers, chillers, air conditioning equipment,...
  • Ships and noisy enclosures

We design and execute special acoustic enclosures features: acústicas:

  • Anechoic chambers, cameras and reverberant acoustic insulation
  • Laboratories and cabins for test and trials
  • Banks engine
  • Rest Cabins
  • Cabins audiometry

 Marcelino Perez Inerco Acustica industria

Marcelino Pérez 

Production Director 

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