Audiovisual spaces and cabinets

In many cases improve conditions for speech intelligibility and sound quality of a particular room or enclosure required. For these cases it is necessary to design solutions that combine acoustic performance with the aesthetics and functionality of the sites.

Through architectural acoustic models simulate the acoustic behavior of rooms and quantify the improvement that can be accomplished with design modifications. This tool allows us to make sensitivity analyzes that are essential when architectural, acoustic factors, facilities, time and economic, must be considered.

This assistance is applicable to the vast majority of enclosures and rooms, but we like to emphasize our experience in the following:

  • Halls and theaters: where speech intelligibility is a critical factor for success
  • Sports areas: where the acoustic shortcomings limit the use thereof
  • Classrooms and teachers enclosures: where noise strongly influences academic success.
  • Churches, temples and libraries: where good acoustics marks a major differential
  • Dining and restaurants where you can enjoy the acoustic comfort
  • Banquet Music: to not be disturbed and you hear well in them
  • Waiting rooms and facilities: bus stations, railway stations, airport waiting rooms, hospital rooms, etc.
    • Projects and reports justifying environmental noise impact on plants and industrial activities. Memories justification with specific definition of each corrective action necessary to believe that using combined techniques of measurement noise prediction, representing equal loudness curves in two and three dimensions, noise mapping sections to test the effectiveness of each corrective action, simulation behavior auralizaciones etc.
    • Implementation turnkey all corrective measures acoustic soundproofing of buildings and noisy rooms, absorbent treatments, implantation of acoustic doors, mufflers and acoustic louvers, acoustic screens and enclosures, etc.



 Emilio del Saz Morante Inerco Acustica audiovisual

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