Areas of Application

In INERCO Acústica over 20 years we have applied our knowledge of acoustics in a wide range of applications:

  • Reduction of noise and vibration experienced by workers in their jobs
  • Reduction of noise and vibration in industry
  • Creating special acoustic enclosure features: anechoic chambers, reverberation chambers, test chamber sound insulation, etc
  • Sound environmental management of infrastructure and transportation: roads, railways, trains, airports, aircraft, etc.
  • Solving noise problems during the building of facilities process
  • Audiovisual spaces
  • Improvement of acoustic characteristics of materials, machinery and equipment

In these areas we offer a service of overall acoustic engineering, from diagnosis and technical justification to implementation of solutions for problems of noise and vibration. We have a team of highly qualified professionals to offer every application possible for the following services and products:

  • Design of solutions
  • Technical justification for acoustic measures by modelling
  • Projects for implementation of solutions
  • Technical Management
  • Manufacture of passive noise control systems
  • Implementation of turnkey solutions to reduce noise and vibration
  • Measurements of noise and vibration, diagnosis and certification 

Whatever the origin of the problem, at present or in the future, you can rely on INERCO Acústica as a global provider of acoustic products and sound engineering services.

 Miguel Fernandez Inerco Acustica

Miguel Fernández 

Commercial Director 

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