Strategic Noise Maps and Noise Environmental Management

In INERCO Acústica we offer to public and private companies a comprehensive service of environmental noise management:

  • Urban Planning: assistance for specialized studies in urban planning, architecture, acoustics and justification of modifications and new urban developments. Development of strategic noise maps, noise action plans, checks on the acoustic effectiveness of prevention and correction, alternative traffic etc.
  • Noise maps in urban areas: INERCO Acústica has been doing studies of noise pollution in populated areas periodically since 1990.

INERCO Acústica carry out Strategic noise maps with acoustics experts. we use a methodology based on a systematic validation of predictive models through sound field measurements (without them it is impossible to validate the prediction models), that enable us to not only assess the environmental sound levels in a given area, but also to study the main noise sources that cause these levels, understand them and make a sensitivity analysis of the factors affecting their emission and measurement.

To study the noise levels in a city is not only to put a value on it, what really matters is to know how to conduct an action plan to reduce these levels to meet the recommended limits, and manage the exceeded limits. The methodology of making Noise maps by INERCO Acústica  ensures factors that affect noise can be quantified and therefore may provide results for implementing certain types of actions to reduce the level of environmental noise pollution (actions on road traffic control, public facilities, vehicle use, urban planning, controlled enclosures, building areas, leisure-related development in municipal areas etc.). INERCO Acústica offers the public organisations responsible for these strategic noise maps action plans in order to managed and reduce environmental sound levels by way of a global management service.

We have over 20 years of experience conducting environmental noise studies, more than 300,000 hours of measurements on the street, more than 50 cities have been analyzed in these years (noise maps of Sevilla, Malaga, Huelva, Jerez de la Frontera, etc), this give us an experience which is difficult to match and certainly guarantees a high quality of work performed by experts in acoustics.

It is work that is continually expanding its geographical scope with participation in the project Implementation of the END (Environmental Noise Directive) in Turkey and the development of strategy maps and action plans of its major cities.

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